Internet Security

Internet Security

Facing Up to the Internet Security Challenge


These days, there’s nothing we can do but submit to technology. We probably have no choice because if we didn’t, we’d be left ages behind and it won’t be very good for our personal sake. Although we can always stick to the old traditional ways, we simply know that can no longer keep pace with the level of productivity that the digital world has been achieving. Like it or not, we have to join them to survive them.


People inevitably and sometimes unconsciously rely on technology for a multitude of things from the noblest doctor’s passion for saving lives to the youngest Internet user’s kicks from playing Farmtown on Facebook. In between, there are the essential day-to-day tasks such as banking, paying bills, etc. that, thanks to a plethora of technologies, are conducted via a click of a button. It is hard to deny that this fast and easy access to information and services has into the reason that this moment in time is called the “digital age.”


Unfortunately, with every thing that is good, comes a sorry list of unfortunate things that happen as well. Let’s just choose to call it the “race to the bottom” for a moment and realize that where we are starting from is not very pretty. re-writing government regulations to accommodate industry and even re-looking at legislation to make it less intrusive, are a few of the brave new technologies that are being explored.

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But, with every technological advance comes a disadvantageously high number of threats that will require a supreme level of handle on the part of the consumer/client and a corresponding decrease in the level of service we get.


The risk of data leakage increase is real.


Why data leakage?


A compromised website can easily and quickly distribution of data to the outside world where, in most cases, our personal information is utilized. And with the advancement in technology, it is now easier to send this data outside of Russia than to simply steal it.


OurPCs (Personal Computer) are very vulnerable due to the countless visits/ exploration each day by malware and viruses, which in turn can destroy our hard drives and cause lots of damage to our computers.


Cloud computing and remote access:


The potentials are always there to make our work more difficult by having access to various computers across the globe and to have our email secured by online encryption. These things can be easily done via the cloud which we must obviously get used to. The development of cloud computing and remote access will eliminate the need for us to be 42% more environmentally responsible IT professionals.


Risk mitigation and risk control:


We usually don’t know when we are at risk so it is hard to identify what risks we need to handle. As a result, it is hard to know when/ if you should take a position of responsibility towards your computers.


Many times we are helpless to do anything while we are being victimized by viruses, adware, spyware, etc. Because of this, we are continuously victimized by viruses, adware, spyware and trojans.


Although all of these threats are online, we need to realize that a good deal of damage is done physically by the viruses, adware, spyware and trojans. Physical damage includes anything from disturbances to leaking information as well as causing breakdown in the computers’ functionality.


Because of these, the importance of virus and spyware removal software and hardware is also growing. They are now available in small form to individual users. And to build up one’s virus and spyware removal software collection, one needs to purchase a high quality one.


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Internet Security